SAN ANTONIO - Whoa Nelly! This, my friends, is why they contact it "March Insanity." Critically, you don't know what to expect. After Kansas' monumental collapse Sunday afternoon, all number 1 seeds have been eradicated. Sure sir. #3 seed Connecticut, #4 seed Kentucky, #8 seed Butler and #11 seed VCU are all headed to the Final Four in Houston.Golf… Read More

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Once again the inestimable critique of feline connoisseur food, Lily, was sought on the palatability of a proffered meals--All-natural Balance. In this occasion her human guardian/companion (now creating good development in her restoration) dared to invite her to sample yet an additional freebie. Will she ever learn not to trifle with the tastes of… Read More

Location, Place, Place. We've all been informed it's the leading factor for a effective real estate sale. But I'm persuaded when you inquire the purchaser, "What was the purpose you chose this house from all the rest?"-it probably wasn't place. Place is great, but not likely homes in every category promote and the purchaser should in the end eyesig… Read More

As privileged People in america, one factor that we seem to consider for granted and misuse on a daily foundation is water. In contrast to gasoline or meals, we have a never-ending movement of water coming into numerous rooms of our home, creating us to have a untrue sense of safety in thinking that is not a restricted recourse.Hamilton Sydney plum… Read More